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What is Difference between Accident and Medical insurance?

Accident Insurance is often seen as ancillary insurance for credit cards. Specifically, when can I get benefits?

If you don’t know when and what kind of trouble you will cover, you can’t claim insurance. We will explain the features and types of accident insurance that cover a surprisingly wide range.

What is Different between Accident and Medical insurance?

In the first place, accident insurance is insurance that covers injuries caused by sudden accidents.

There is medical insurance as insurance to cover injuries, but accident insurance and medical insurance have different enrollment conditions and coverage.

Depending on the contents of the contract, medical insurance allows you to receive benefits when you are hospitalized or have surgery due to injury or illness (some illnesses are excluded depending on the insurance product).

On the other hand, accident insurance does not allow you to receive benefits due to illness.

Accident insurance is just insurance to cover injuries caused by sudden accidents. Therefore, there is no obligation to notify you of your illness or medical history, and you can join regardless of your health condition.

In addition, medical insurance and accident insurance have different premiums.

As for medical insurance, the risk of illness increases with increasing age, so the premium generally increases, but in the case of accident insurance, the premium does not change depending on age.

On the other hand, if you are in a dangerous occupation, your insurance premium may increase.

Three conditions to be covered by accident insurance

Let’s take a look at each of the three conditions specifically.


Sudden means that there is no time between the cause of the injury and the actual injury. If you experience pain one day due to an old accident, that is not the case.

By chance

By chance, you are injured by an unexpected accidental result. It’s not a coincidence if you do something dangerous on your own, or if you do something that is at risk of injury to anyone.


Outpatient refers to the cause of the injury being outside of your body.

Specific examples of non-target injuries

Specific examples of injuries that do not meet the three conditions of accident insurance include the following cases. In such cases, you will not be able to receive benefits from accident insurance.

  • I had pain in my elbow by playing tennis repeatedly, but by continuing to play, I became a tennis elbow (not satisfying “rapid” and “accidental”).
  • My head when my anemia worsened and I collapsed (doesn’t meet the “outpatient”).
  • An accident while driving under the influence of alcohol (not satisfying “accidental”).

What kind of condition can I get accident insurance due to injury?

If you fall into any of the following conditions due to an injury that meets the three conditions, you can receive insurance claims and benefits from accident insurance.

If you die

due to a death injury, you will receive insurance money. If you do not specify a beneficiary of the death benefit, the legal heir will receive the claim, as you will not be able to receive it.

Residual disability

Have a residual disability due to an injury covered by accident insurance, you will receive the prescribed benefits.

Are hospitalized for the treatment of hospitalization injuries, you can receive benefits according to the length of your hospital stay. If you also have Medical Insurance, you can receive benefits from both.


You will receive the prescribed benefits for surgery to treat injuries.

The case of outpatient medical insurance. You may not be able to receive the benefits just by going to the hospital. But in the case of accident insurance.

You may be able to receive benefits even with minor injuries.

Special contract that can be attached to accident insurance

By using the special contract, you can prepare for various accidents that occur in your daily life, not just injuries.

Accident insurance special contracts include personal liability insurance that covers damages to personal belongings. And borrowing from others. There is a special liability agreement in case of damage to the item.

In addition, there are also unique ones that cover hole-in-one special contracts. And search costs in the event of distress during a trip.

Such treaties are especially useful when going on a trip or a leisure trip.

Various accident insurance

There are several types of accident insurance. If you know the characteristics of each and use them. you can use the necessary compensation when you need it.


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