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What is accident insurance? Thorough explanation from the beginning of the basics you definitely want to know!

In our daily lives, we can step off stairs, get into a car accident, fall on a bicycle, or get injured in an unexpected accident. Accident insurance covers the injuries that accompany such daily life.

If you have accident insurance, you will be covered for treatment costs, hospital visit costs, surgery costs, etc. Due to unexpected injuries. However, there are many people who are interested in accident insurance, but when considering enrollment, it may be difficult to choose without some basic knowledge.

Here, I would like to explain in an easy-to-understand manner basic information such as. “What kind of insurance is accident insurance?” And “Why is accident insurance necessary in the first place?”

Insurance Counseling Navi will guide you to the most suitable accident insurance according to your age, family structure, and other insurance coverage.

What is “accident insurance” to prepare for injury?

As you can see from the name of the injury, accident insurance is to prepare for “injury”. You can deal with the risk of various injuries that occur in your daily life. However, it is important to note that accident insurance covers only injuries. Illnesses are not covered.

Examples of payments are when you get injured in a traffic accident when you get injured while working or commuting. When you fall down the stairs and get injured, or when you get injured while playing sports. And so on. This is paid regardless of the benefits from workers’ accident compensation insurance or health insurance.

So, what kind of coverage does accident insurance provide and when can you receive money? In this chapter, I would like to take a closer look at these two points.

What is the coverage of accident insurance?

First of all, I will explain the basic coverage. The main case of accident insurance coverage is when you are injured.

There are four basic compensations: outpatient compensation, hospitalization compensation, surgery compensation, and death / residual disability compensation. For example, the image is that insurance will be paid if you go to the hospital, be hospitalized, have surgery, die, or have a disability within 180 days from the date of your injury.

addition to basic compensation, there are many variations of special contracts. For example, some products come with a set of “personal liability insurance” that covers liability to others. Personal liability will cover you if you injure the other person in a traffic accident or if you damage the products in the store.

Other special contracts include a carry-on item special contract, a rescuer cost special contract. A consignment liability insurance special contract, and a hole-in-one Albatross cost special contract. Some products are automatically attached, and some are selected and added by yourself. So it is best to decide how much you want to expand the coverage within the range allowed by the insurance premium.

What is “injury” in accident insurance?

As I mentioned earlier, accident insurance is for injuries. However, not all injuries are covered. Basically, injuries covered by accident insurance are limited to those that meet all three requirements of “rapidity”, “accidentality”, and “foreignness”.

So, what kind of state do you mean by each? The following is a brief summary.

In other words, if you are injured by an unforeseen accident that occurs suddenly from the outside, you will be covered. For better understanding, let’s take a look at some of the things that are not recognized as injuries in your insurance. Please read while thinking about why they are not covered by compensation.

First of all, what about shoe rubbing and chilblains? These injuries are the result of continuous and routine behavior. Therefore, it does not meet the “rapidity” requirement and is not covered by compensation.

Next, what if you have already hurt your limbs and made them worse by playing intense sports? In this case, it seems possible to predict and avoid the outcome. Therefore, “accidentality” is not recognized there, and it does not cover it. Similarly, injuries caused by illegal activities such as drunk driving and unlicensed driving, and sports with great danger such as rock climbing and skydiving do not seem to be considered accidental.

Finally, what happens when you step off the stairs and get injured because of a heart attack? This can be interpreted as the cause being inside the body rather than outside. Therefore, this injury has no “foreignness” and is not covered.

In this way, your insurance covers injuries that meet the three conditions of suddenness, contingency, and alienation. It can be said that this point is a point that I want to fully understand.

How is the premium for accident insurance determined?

The premiums are set according to occupation. Unlike medical insurance, insurance premiums are not determined by age, gender, or health condition.

The insured’s occupation is roughly divided into two groups, “Occupation class A” and “Occupation class B”, and the insurance premiums differ accordingly. “Job type A” is a job type with a low risk of injuries such as clerical work and sales position, and “Job type B” is a job type with a high risk of injuries such as a driver and a construction worker. That covers the risk of injury, so if you are in a job category that has a higher risk of injury, the premium will be set higher.


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