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Insurance review is confirmed by these two companies! Points to note when reviewing

Do you have any problems like this?

When you are hospitalized or undergo surgery as a result of a sudden sickness or injury and the cost of care is incurred, insurance is a nice thing to have.

However, even if you pay monthly insurance premiums, few people have a clear idea of what they are doing.

Most people rush to check securities and contracts when they need security.

It is very useless to keep paying without understanding it well.

In such a case, it is convenient to review the insurance.

You can reduce your monthly payments by not only checking the current coverage but also reducing or removing unnecessary coverage.

This time, I’ll explain after taking precautions, “types of insurance review and advantages/disadvantages,” and “review businesses that do not have to worry if only these two companies are repressed.”

Contents for such people

Those who are concerned about the insurance review firm are burdened by high insurance premiums. Who are unfamiliar with insurance reviews

About types of insurance review

There are two main types of insurance reviews.

Visit-type store

For those who want to get insurance right away

A format in which you actually go to the store to consult about insurance reviews.

The biggest feature is to get various information directly from the customer at the store and present the most ideal insurance for the customer’s life stage and family information among the insurance companies contracted at the store.

In many cases, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.

Visit type

For those who want to carefully choose the insurance that suits them

A format in which companies that review and consult with their own homes visit.

It’s basically the same as a store-visiting company, but it’s very convenient because the financial planner visits you at the time and place your customers want.

Benefits of insurance review

It is an insurance review company that has recently appeared in informational media like television advertising and online advertisements, although there are reportedly some advantages.

1: You can choose the insurance that suits you from many insurance companies

2: You can choose the insurance that suits you every time you consult

3: Have an explanation so that even an amateur can understand

4: Premiums for insurance can be reduced.

Insurance companies are developing better insurance in line with the ever-evolving medical system and technology.

Even if you had a state-of-the-art insurance policy at that time 10 years ago, there is no guarantee that the insurance is still state-of-the-art due to advances in medical technology.

Disadvantages of insurance review

1: Can’t devote time to one customer

2: Compatible with FP

3: Mismatch may occur

4: Not all insurance company data is included.

Results will vary depending on the financial planner you consult.

It’s not that I’m cutting corners just because it’s a free consultation, but I’m kind enough to take the consultation, but the content that the person has studied and the actual experience can make a big difference between individuals.

Also, since the insurance review company you requested does not cover all the information of insurance companies, it is best to go to consult with some free insurance review companies and compare the proposals. Is difficult.

To take advantage of these disadvantages, you should choose an insurance company with a gift.

Precautions for an insurance review

1: Do not contract immediately as the insurance company says

Since the insurance review company is also a private company, it may recommend insurance that is advantageous to you.

As a result, it is suggested that you think it over at home once rather than signing the contract right away.

As a result, it is important to keep in touch with the company and ask questions about any questions.

2: Have time to spare

If you don’t have the time, you may not get satisfactory results after reviewing.

3: Communicate correct information to the planner without omission

If you do not provide enough information, it may not be accurate insurance even if you consult with us.

Therefore, let’s tell you exactly what your annual income, family structure, and pension you have.

Consultation is free and it is attractive to be in a neutral position, but you should think that the basic is insurance sales.

Financial planners and insurance shops use commissions when selling insurance as a source of income, so understand that the purpose is to sell insurance.

About the timing of the insurance review

Basically, there is no charge and you can ask various questions about insurance, so you can use it for both new enrollment and review of insurance charges.

The insurance prices won’t go down even if you consult with us once a year, but it is advised that you evaluate it when the turning point materializes.

Completed by these two companies! Recommended review company

Since one company’s insurance information is insufficient, it is advised to compare with two firms, as I said in the cons of reviewing insurance.

It is advised because some prizes are only available by submitting an application through this website.


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