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An emergency escape hammer when the car is submerged. Is submersion covered by vehicle insurance?

Large typhoons and guerrilla rainstorms occur frequently, so the risk of cars being submerged must be considered.

What should I do in case of emergency?

In this article, we will discuss Vehicle Insurance or Auto Insurance and the dangers that can arise when a car is submerged. How to deal with it using an emergency escape hammer?

What to do if your car is submerged

If the car is submerged and the water is still shallow, the driver can escape by opening the door on his own.

The deeper the water, the stronger the water pressure, and the more difficult it is to open the door. The greater the risk of becoming trapped inside the car.

If the window is above the surface of the water

What should I do if a car rushes into a flooded road and becomes unable to drive, or falls into a river or the like and cannot open the door on its own?

At this time, open the window glass instead of the door to escape.

Depending on the situation, the car will float for a few minutes even if it falls into the water.

The basic remedy is to remove the seat belt, open the power window and escape while the window is above the surface of the water and you can breathe.

If that is the case, the sliding door can be opened, but only if the water pressure is high enough. This is because sliding doors are long and broad, and opening them requires pushing them outward once. Keep in mind that it will not open.

If the window does not open, break the window glass with an emergency escape hammer.

When submerged, it is effective to open the window and escaping.

However, submersion can damage the electrical system and cause the power windows to stop working.

In that case, break the window glass and go outside.

An emergency escape hammer can be used at this point.

When trapped within a car after a collision or submersion, it is utilized to escape in an emergency.

The small size of the emergency escape hammer makes it relatively easy for women and the elderly to break the window glass of a car.

Some also come with a seatbelt cutter, which is useful if the seatbelt cannot be unfastened.

Emergency escape hammers are available at car shops, dealers, and on the internet, so it’s a good idea to keep them in your car in case of an emergency.

If it is difficult to escape even with a hammer, take a deep breath, and wait for the water level inside the car to rise. After we open the door. You may be able to open it by yourself.

This is because there is no difference in water pressure between the inside and outside of the car.

However, this is the last method you can use only for the duration of your breath. Then be aware of your escape as much as possible before this happens.

Check the product performance of the emergency escape hammer

It is important to note that even products sold as emergency escape hammers have different performances.

According to the product test of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, some emergency escape hammers do not break the window glass, and this does not work.

When purchasing an emergency escape hammer, you should read the product description carefully to see if it has the ability to crush car glass.

For example, there is a product safety certification based on the German Product Safety Law called the “GS mark”, and emergency escape hammers that have received this certification are also on sale.

Make sure to select an emergency escape hammer that can surely crush the window glass by referring to such certification and information such as product test results.

Furthermore, until a product is used properly, it will not operate as well as it should.

The emergency escape hammer is designed to break window glass and cannot be used on the windscreen.

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that breaking the windshield will only crack it.


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