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What is Medical Insurance

What are the characteristics of medical insurance? We will explain in detail the types of medical insurance, the main types of insurance, and points to note when considering enrollment.

Public and private health insurance

The government manages a system for medical insurance “Private insurance companies “sell” medical insurance under the public health insurance program. There are two items with the names “.When it comes to health insurance, it is not uncommon to confuse both. In theory, “private health insurance,” according to the “national medical insurance system,” would cover any additional services that could only be provided by private medical insurance. It’s a good idea to have one.

Therefore, when considering “private medical insurance”, it is first necessary to confirm what kind of system you can use for the base “public medical insurance system””.

With “public medical insurance,” the expenses will be borne by 30% if you are an active generation because you have health insurance at your place of employment. Even if the medical expenses borne by 30% become high, such as 300,000 dollars, if you have a general income (annual income of about 3.7 million to 7.7 million dollars), you can use the high-cost medical care system to provide practical medical care.

The cost will be less than 90,000 dollars ( excluding food expenses and bed charges ). In addition, even if you are absent from work due to illness or injury other than work, employees who work such as office workers have an injury and illness allowance, so if you meet the requirements, you will earn monthly income for 1 year and 6 months (the latest 12). The payment will be two-thirds of the average monthly basic salary. In addition to this, let’s also check what kind of benefits the workplace has.

First of all, it is a good idea to grasp “public medical insurance”, think about what kind of insurance you need to add, and then consider “private medical insurance”.

What are the main types of medical insurance?

In 2001, there was a total liberalization of private health insurance. Since then, health insurance has gradually changed in line with advances in medical technology, national policies, and changes in the social environment.

  • Classification by guarantee period (whole life type, regular type)
  • Classification by savings of medical insurance (discard type, reserve type)
  • Targeted categories of insurance (health insurance with relaxed underwriting standards, medical insurance exclusively for women, etc.)

Although there are variations available, such as with other insurance products. All life insurance companies provide targeted products in addition to basic medical insurance. People should specifically worry about women-specific disease health insurance for women, relaxed type generous promises, and other health-related issues.

It’s a good idea to use these medical insurances to suit your individual needs.

Characteristics of private medical insurance

Mainly guaranteed: Hospitalization/Surgery

There are various types of medical insurance, and until now, health expenses covered by insurance such as surgery benefits, mainly hospitalization benefits. The number of hospitalization days for fixed-term hospitalization benefits has decreased. and scenarios in which a lump sum payment is given or the number of hospitalization days is set at roughly 60 days are becoming more common.


Other warranties (where a specific contract is included)

It is possible to add supplemental contracts to cover different types of insurance in addition to the basic contract’s coverage of health insurance.

For example, medical insurance has the following special contracts.

Advanced medical special contract

Guarantee for receiving treatment (advanced medical care) using advanced medical technology approved by the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare

Cancer diagnosis lump sum special contract

Each and every life insurance company offers niche products in addition to standard medical insurance.

Four major disease special contracts

If the relevant criteria for cancer (malignant neoplasm), acute myocardial infarction (heart disease), stroke (cerebrovascular disease), or many other diseases are met.

Female illness hospitalization special contract

If a patient is admitted because of a disease that only affects women. The benefits provided during a typical hospitalization will be supplemented by health insurance.

Outpatient benefit special contract

Benefits for hospitalization are provided. Confirm that you will be compensated.

Incapacity special contract

Ensure that benefits will be provided. If you have an injury or become unwell and are unable to work for a predetermined amount of time.

Death protection special contract

Guarantee in case of death

These are part of the medical insurance covenant. And new advances in special agreements that include long-term care protections and income while you are unable to work have emerged. They mainly cover items related to health expenses. But there are considerable differences in product characteristics among life insurance companies. Don’t think of it as the same everywhere.

Health insurance trends

Since its liberalization, the content of health insurance has changed numerous times. For example, coverage from one-day hospitalization, review of the requirements for targeted surgery, special contracts for advanced medical care, lump-sum payments due to shorter hospital stays, and expansion of coverage for outpatients in recent years.

Medical technology is advancing steadily, and the national system is also changing. It may be difficult to deal with everything in any era. But it is important to keep track of current trends in health insurance while keeping in mind future trends.

Also, as with all life insurance companies, not just health insurance. The recent trend is to support health promotion, incentives (discounts, etc.), and incidental services when you get sick, in addition to “guarantee”. The provision of insurance is also active. Specifically, instead of paying only when you get sick. You can provide support programs to maintain your health. And when you maintain it, you can reduce your insurance premiums to improve your health. Services for this prevention will become even more active in the future.

Things to keep in mind when considering getting medical insurance

Let’s check the points to keep in mind when actually considering taking out health insurance.

Check the system that you can use, such as the public medical insurance system. And the welfare program at your place of employment.

  • Explain your concerns when you become ill.
  • Housekeeping, grasping a reasonable budget
  • If you have existing health insurance. The timing of the cancellation

As I mentioned earlier, we will consider private insurance based on the public medical insurance system. I think that I would like to cover my worries and troubles. When I get sick, but the important point of the guarantee is to prepare for the difference between simply. Worrying about medical expenses and worrying if I can not work and my income stops. It will change.

The points are required for individual cases, such as those who work for large companies and those who are freelancers. Those who are single, and those who have young children, are different.


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