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Thorough explanation of how to choose overseas travel insurance

When planning an overseas trip with a friend, “Do you need overseas travel insurance?”

First overseas trip. I think there are many students who have these problems.

Therefore, this time, we will thoroughly explain the contents of overseas travel insurance and how to choose it for students.

Risks when traveling abroad

A fun overseas trip. With the advent of low-cost carriers, it has become easier than before to go abroad. I think there are many students who are thinking of going on an overseas trip by taking advantage of long vacations such as summer vacation.

However, overseas, where the environment is different from Japan, there is a possibility of unexpected accidents in Japan. Therefore, it is necessary to take risk measures in advance based on the risks that may occur when traveling abroad. By taking measures in advance, you can enjoy traveling abroad with peace of mind.

What are the risks of traveling abroad?

There are many possible risks of traveling abroad, but the following items are typical examples.

  • Theft/snatching This is the most frequent trouble when traveling abroad. According to the “2017 (2017) Foreign Japanese Advocacy Statistics” released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of cases in which Japanese people were victims of robbery, theft, and fraud in 2017 was 4,266 reported to diplomatic missions abroad. Valuables such as smartphones, cameras, and wallets may be damaged.
  • Injury of a travel destination, the disease is also believed to be an injury or illness at the travel destination. If you receive medical treatment overseas, you will have to pay the full amount of medical expenses, and it will cost you tens of thousands of yen just to have a look at the hospital.
  • Airplane troubles airplane departure and arrival delays and accidents may occur. In that case, you may need to extend your stay at your travel destination or purchase a new ticket.
  • Compensation at your travel destination You may inadvertently destroy hotel equipment or store items.

Overseas travel insurance is essential to avoid these risks.

What is overseas travel insurance?

Overseas Travel Insurance not only covers illnesses and injuries while traveling abroad, but also compensation for damages caused by theft of belongings, accidental damage to others, and delays in the arrival and departure of airplanes. This insurance covers various financial losses during travel, such as damages caused by travel.

Overseas travel insurance coverage

  • In case of illness or injury, If you are hospitalized or have surgery at your travel destination, you will be required to pay the actual treatment and hospitalization costs. Transportation costs to the hospital will also be covered within the limit. In addition, if you die from an illness or injury while traveling, or if you have a residual disability due to an injury, you can receive insurance.
  • If you are liable for liability You can receive insurance even if you are liable for damages to another person or someone else’s property.
  • If you have trouble with your belongings or transportation If your property or your belongings borrowed free of charge from another person are damaged due to an accident such as fire, theft, or damage while traveling, you will receive insurance money.
  • Ancillary services Basically, there is telephone support available in Japanese 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can receive services such as interpreters, hospital referrals, airline tickets, and accommodation referrals.

Two types of overseas travel insurance

Before you go on a trip, you can apply directly at an insurance company, insurance agency, travel agency, etc. You can also apply via the Internet or terminals installed at the airport. In addition to products that travelers apply directly to insurance companies, credit card companies may also include travel insurance as an ancillary service.

Overseas travel insurance to apply for each trip

The big merit is that you can adjust the “compensation content”, “insurance amount”, “insured range”, etc. according to the purpose.

The feature of overseas travel insurance that you apply for each trip is that you can set the coverage in detail according to your wishes. You can enhance your compensation or get only the minimum amount of compensation you need.

The overseas travel insurance that you apply for each time you travel has a generous amount of compensation in case of illness or injury. And you can limit the insurance amount to unlimited. That you apply for each time you travel. In addition, hospital treatment is basically cashless.

Overseas travel insurance with a credit card

This is the insurance that comes with your credit card.

Benefits include “easiness”, “period”, and “insurance premium”.

You don’t have to apply for credit card insurance every time you travel, and there is no limit on the number of times you can go. In addition, there are many long-term trips such as 90 days per trip, and if the annual membership fee of the credit card is free, the insurance premium will be virtually 0$.


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