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Can I be caught if I lie when taking out insurance?

When applying for life or Medical Insurance, you are required to accurately disclose your own injury and illness history.

If you make a false statement, you will fail in your duty to disclose, you may not be able to receive insurance money, and you could be charged with fraud.

In this article, we will explain in detail what notice is and what happens if you give a false notice to those who are considering joining the insurance.

What is the notification requirement?

When joining the insurance, you must accurately inform the insurance company of the insured person’s current state of health, occupation, and history of illness or injury. This is called the duty to notify. First, I will explain the need for the notification and the general content of the notification.

Why is notification necessary?

Insurance is a system in which all members pay insurance premiums to create a common property, and in the event of an accident, insurance claims are paid out of the common property to help each other. In order to maintain fairness between the insured and the smooth operation of the insurance business, it is necessary to carry out control during careful notification before registration.

For example, when comparing a healthy person to an unhealthy person, such as a person with a chronic disease, an unhealthy person is more likely to pay insurance claims, and the principle of fairness is maintained between the insured. Not.

Therefore, depending on the content of the notification, the insurance company may refuse to join. Alternatively, you may be able to enroll by paying a special premium.

For the insurance company, the notification plays an important role in ensuring that the insurance company is operating properly so that the insurance can be paid correctly.

What should I notify?

I will present the main content of the notification.

• Physical condition (height and weight)

• Medicine

History within the last five years ・ injury or

Illness in the past three months, there is a place of work, job description, etc. There are some differences between insurance companies.

If I lied in the ad, will it be revealed? What if I get caught?

Regarding the content of the notice, it will not be examined in depth at the time of subscription to the insurance.

So, if you don’t say what you have to say and you’re lying, can’t you say it? What if the lie was revealed? I will explain it to you in detail.

Will he be exposed to her if I lie?

Insurance companies do not look closely at advertising content when purchasing insurance.

However, when an insurance claim is made for an actual illness or injury, the insurance company may carry out a very detailed investigation.

If you lied in the ad, it will be exposed then.

In particular, the likelihood of a healthy person being admitted to a hospital or undergoing surgery immediately after obtaining insurance is low, so in most cases, thorough investigations are carried out when the filing of benefits or insurance claims immediately after obtaining the insurance. It is.

In the questionnaire, we carefully review the records of medical institutions and medical examinations reviewed in the past. Therefore, if you lie in the ad content, it will definitely show up.

Specifically, this applies to cases where the patient’s outpatient history is hidden from notification, or an abnormality is indicated during a health examination.

What happens when the lie is exposed?

You will not receive the insurance money and the contract may be canceled!

If the advertising lie is discovered, you will not be able to receive compensation or insurance money.

The insurance company can also cancel the continuation of the insurance, and if it is canceled, the insurance contract will be lost.

Even if the contract is canceled, you may be able to receive a refund for the cancellation, but if it is considered a tort breach or fraud, you may not be able to receive it.

Possibility of contract termination and insurance fraud

If the lie in the ad is deemed to be very prejudicial, the insurance contract may be terminated.

Cancellation does not receive a refund for the cancellation, unlike contract cancellation. You could also be arrested and charged with Insurance Fraud.


In this article, we explained what a notification is and what happens when you send the wrong notification.

Even if you lie and take out insurance, it will still be taken.

A point to add is that the insurance company does not investigate because they do not want insurance claims paid. Investigations are necessary to maintain “fairness” among contractors. Insurance is a reliable existence as it can guarantee that you can receive the insurance money in an emergency.


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