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How can temporary employees get unemployment insurance? Explain information that you will lose if you do not know!

“Unemployment insurance” is provided from the time you retire from work to the time you get the next job.

Did you know that even if you work as a temporary worker? You can apply in the same way as a full-time employee if you meet the criteria.

In this column, I will explain the conditions for receiving the documents required for the procedure.

1. What is unemployment insurance?

The official name of unemployment insurance is “employment insurance”. Which is provided by the government to protect the lives of workers. Who are unable to work and to support their re-employment. Employment insurance is mainly managed by the Ministry of Health, Labor, Welfare, procedures, and benefits are handled by Hello Work.

2. Conditions for joining employment insurance for temporary staff

Some people may be concerned about their ability to obtain employment insurance while working as temporary workers. Such as “Can temporary employees take out employment insurance?”

Even if you work as a temporary worker, part-time worker, or part-time worker if you meet certain standards. It is mandatory for you to obtain employment insurance.

So, what is this “certain standard”? I will explain it in three patterns.

Day laborer

A day laborer in the context of employment insurance is a person who works just once per day or has worked somewhere for no more than 30 days.

There is only one requirement for day laborers to join employment insurance. I have employment insurance because I work for a company that (*). If you fit this description, visit Hello Work in your area and request a copy of the “Day Labor Insured Person’s Handbook.”

Seasonal workers

When you have “an employment contract stating that you will be employed for 4 months or longer” and “the required working hours per week are 30 hours or more,” you are eligible to join as a seasonal worker.

Seasonal workers are those who have an employment contract period of less than one year. These people have jobs where the seasons have a big impact on what they do. For example, work at a ski resort where employment is only available in winter.

Business establishments covered by employment insurance

Except for a few companies in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors, employment insurance is a requirement for all companies with employees.

However, it is not applicable in practice because it must (1) be independent in terms of location, (2) be independent as a management unit, and (3) be consistent as a facility. In that situation, Hello Work is seen as being unrelated to the pertinent commercial entity.

3. Are you eligible for unemployment insurance? Diagnostic flowchart

Even if you have employment insurance, you may not be able to receive unemployment insurance if you do not meet the conditions such as the working period. Also, depending on the reason for retirement, how long you can receive it will change.

Please use the simple diagnostic chart shown below to see if you are eligible (click to enlarge).

This diagnostic chart is just a guide. Hello, Work must thoroughly investigate whether or not you are eligible to receive the benefits.

4. Difference between retirement for company reasons and retirement for personal reasons

As you can see in the flowchart above, the period of receiving differs depending on whether the reason for retirement is “company convenience” or “self-convenience”.

Then, what kind of case is the retirement due to company reasons (or personal reasons)?

Retired due to company reasons

Retirement due to company reasons is, roughly speaking, a case of “forcing retirement”. Labor contracts are frequently unilaterally canceled as a result of personnel reductions due to bankruptcy or deterioration in business performance. This also applies to situations in which you are forced to retire against your will, such as when you are subjected to harassment.

If you are not instructed to work for the next temporary staffing company before the contract period expires, and you wish to work for the same temporary staffing company within one month after the contract period expires, but you do not have a job, you will be retired for company reasons.

Retirement for personal reasons

Roughly speaking, self-retirement is the case of “desiring to retire.” In general, this applies to moving, marriage, long-term care, retirement for illness, etc.

In the following cases, especially in the case of temporary staffing, the employee will resign for personal reasons.

  • When a dispatched worker declines a dispatched job while being directed to the next dispatched job before the contract period expires.
  • The next dispatched employment is not directed by the contract period’s expiration and employment from the same dispatching company.

If you do not wish * If you feel that this is an illegal reason for retirement, please consult Hello Work. It will investigate whether it was a fraudulent reason for retirement.

At the end

How was it? You need to make various preparations before you receive unemployment insurance, and you cannot get it immediately. When considering receiving unemployment insurance, it is important to prepare in advance. I hope this column will give you a better understanding of unemployment insurance for good jobs!


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