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What is health insurance?

When an insured person or a dependent gets sick or injured, it costs a lot of money. The same is true for childbirth and death. In preparation for such an unforeseen situation, the insured pays Health Insurance premiums according to their income. The employer also pays for the necessary medical care and cash to reduce the burden on each other. It is a system born for the purpose of mutual aid.

What is a health insurance association?

The health insurance association is a public corporation that operates the health insurance business on behalf of the country. The US Health Insurance Association is a member of corporate establishments that always have one or more employees and establishments that always have five or more employees. Union-managed health insurance is classified as either single united health insurance (for businesses with 700 or more employees at all times). And General health insurance (for business establishments with 3,000 or more employees in the same industry). With the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s consent, the health insurance association can administer health insurance work that is in line with the actual circumstances of the company’s establishment. The establishment of the C & R Group Health Insurance Society took place on April 1, 2017.

Benefits of the health insurance association

In addition to being able to develop business operations according to the actual conditions of the health insurance association (age composition of members, gender ratio, illness trends, etc.).You can also actively manage your health in cooperation with the employer.

For the purpose of maintaining and improving health and preventing illness, we can carry out our own health promotion projects such as health checkups. They can assist with physical education promotion projects such as sports facilities.

Management with the health insurance association

The “insurer” for health insurance in the workplace (business) is the “health insurance association,” which is the operating entity that receives insurance premium payments and offers insurance benefits. There are two types.

A single company establishes a public organization called a “health insurance association.” It is based on the Health Insurance Act, and each health insurance association is independent. The corporation (business organization) and the employees are equally responsible for paying the insurance premiums (insured persons).

“Health insurance” to prepare for unforeseen circumstances

If you get sick or injured, or if you take a leave of absence, give birth, or die, you will have to spend unexpectedly, and sometimes you will lose your income and your life will become unstable.

Therefore, in order to prepare for such a situation, there is a public medical insurance system as a mechanism in which subscribers pay insurance premiums on a daily basis and those who need them can receive insurance benefits when they need them for financial resources.

“Health insurance association” that manages health insurance

The Affordable Health Insurance association is a public corporation that provides health insurance work. Firms of the same sort of industry with more than 3,000 employees, as well as businesses with more than 700 employees at all times.

Established on June 1st, 1980, is the Recruit Health Insurance Association.

Health insurance union organization

UnionThe union is the best voting body in the country, like the Diet, where it decides what to do and how to do it. Decide important matters such as terms and conditions, insurance premiums, business plans, budgets, and financial statements. The union consists of elected members selected by the employer and the same number of elected members selected by the insured.
Board of directorsThe board of directors is like the government in the country and is the body that enforces what is decided by the union. The board of directors consists of the same number of directors, each elected from elected members and mutually elected members.
ChairmanOne chairman is selected from the directors selected by the members of the Diet. The president is the chief executive officer of the union and represents the union.
Managing DirectorWith the consent of the board, the president appoints a managing director from among the directors. The Managing Director assists the Chairman and handles matters necessary for daily business operations.
AuditorThere are two auditors, one from each of the selected and mutually elected members, who audit the execution of business and the status of the property.

Role of the health insurance association

1. Insurance benefits-Focusing on medical benefits-

We provide medical expenses and various benefits for illnesses, injuries of insured persons, dependents, leave of absence due to injury and illness, childbirth, and death.

2. Health support (health business) -For health promotion-

It is a variety of businesses to support the “health promotion” of insured persons and dependents.

We are in the business of providing Health Insurance Information, various medical examinations for disease prevention, and early detection, providing opportunities to use exercise and recreational facilities.

Operate voluntarily and democratically

Within the parameters established by the Health Insurance Act, the health insurance union is managed voluntarily and democratically by an equal number of members who represent the employer and employee representatives.

Those who take out health insurance

An employee becomes an “insured person” when a de facto employment relationship arises with the business establishment (company) covered by the health insurance. In general, all people are required to have insurance, regardless of the intention of the person or the corporation (business establishment).

The insured status will continue from the day you join the company until the day you leave the company (business establishment), die, or join the medical system.


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