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Is vehicle insurance covered if the car is submerged?

In vehicle insurance when a car is submerged, the first thing to consider is to save the lives of the driver and passengers.

However, if you use an emergency escape hammer, the window glass will be damaged, and the engine, etc. It may be damaged by submersion.

In such cases, you can get insurance coverage from your car insurance.

Vehicle insurance covers not only when your car is submerged in a river. But also in the event of a natural disaster such as a flood or typhoon.

However, in the case of damage caused by a tsunami, earthquake, or eruption. You will not be compensated even if you have auto insurance.

Zurich’s vehicle insurance has a special contract called ” Lump- sum vehicle loss due to earthquakes, etc”. So that you can pay the insurance money as a lump-sum payment. Even in cases such as earthquakes, eruptions, and tsunamis that cannot be covered by auto insurance.

As I mentioned in the disadvantages of reviewing insurance, insurance information for one company is insufficient, so it is recommended to compare with two or three companies.

If the amount of vehicle insurance is less than 500$. The payment will be the same as the amount of auto insurance.


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